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Weekend Esperanto Event in New Jersey, USA. Wanna come?

Hi folks,

Chuck Smith (amuzulo) and I are thinking of co-organizing an Urba Semajnfino (City Weekend) in Princeton, NJ on October 3rd and 4th. If you're not familiar with the concept, it's basically a miniature Esperanto event geared towards local people in North America. It only lasts from Saturday to Sunday. We'd organize hotel rooms, enjoy some exotic cuisine and do some educational and recreational things nearby. If you don't have a car, we'd help come up with public transit options, ride sharing, car service, etc. You'd get to meet Chuck Smith (amuzulo), Judith Meyer (junesun), and (for what it's worth) me!

I attended the previous Urbaj Semajnfinoj in Harrisburg, PA and it was a lot of fun! You get to meet samideanoj and feel for a moment like you live in Esperantujo, a rare feeling for us Usonanoj. Right now, we're just trying to gauge interest. If we were to organize the event, would you attend?



UPDATE: Registration is now open! https://goo.gl/yTmZ6b

EDIT: Registration will be closing on Friday, September 25, 2015. You still have a chance!

August 6, 2015



I live close to Princeton and would definitely be interested in attending.


I do not live anywhere near New Jersey, but what you are saying sounds interesting to me. I would attend something like that in my area if it wasn't too expensive to get in.


Urbaj Semajnfinoj are meant to be affordable. You might consider organizing one locally. :) Chuck wrote a handbook to assist organizers: http://urbsem.net/organizu/


If you're in the northwestern US or western Canada there will be a similar event taking place in Victoria BC the weekend of September 25–27 https://www.facebook.com/events/399361830266543/ Also, for anyone in Quebec, Ontario, or the northeastern US, another similar event will be taking place in Granby QC during the long (in Canada) weekend from May 21–23, 2016 http://mekaro.ca/


That's a great idea! I attended university near Princeton (not at!) and know that area well. I'm learning Esperanto this summer and going to The Polyglot Conference in NYC the following weekend. And October 3 is my birthday! I'll definitely try to be there if this happens! I went to Rider University nearby, and I can contact their departments of foreign languages and international studies to see what language-related activities are available, if that would help in the planning.


it's definitely happening!


Yes, my husband and I live in Boston and would be interested in attending.


I'd love to attend. Mi diplomiĝis el pasintjare kaj nun mi loĝas en Novjorko!


I plan to attend!


I'd jump at the chance, as I am in northern NJ (Passaic County). However, timing stinks. My employer is going thru a nasty bankruptcy now and I don't think I'll be doing anything in October but looking for a new career with about 25000 other former co-workers. Otherwise, I'd be really interested and would have offered to volunteer. Best wishes.


I'm really sorry to hear that. :( Perhaps next year!


Thank you. There's a 'bright' side ... I should be much more fluent in Esperanto by this time next year!


I actually live in Harrisburg, and I'm sincerely bummed that there was one here before I'd learned Esperanto and could have participated. Nobody comes to Harrisburg willingly.


Hee hee - I've been trying to get the word out that I'll be passing through Harrisburg in a few weeks with two other speakers.


Maurice Reeves, are you still reading this thread. I have an Esperanto student who recently moved to Harrisburg. He speaks Esperanto pretty well.


I am still reading this thread! Very cool. How should we get in touch?


Good question. Send me a PM on FB or email me at yahoo. My name is salivanto in both places. I'll send your information along.

Other contact info here:



I realize this is an old thread, but I'd be interested in something like this in NJ. Princeton is a pretty central location for the state as well.


Maybe you could organize an event as part of Paralela Universo on August 20 (or attend the one already being organized in Washington DC, if that's not too far away). See the following Google group for more information: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/paralela-universo

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