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"Why did they come to the previous lecture?"

Translation:Önceki derse neden geldiler?

August 7, 2015



neden onceki derse geldiler, shouldnt that be accepted?


"Why did they come to the previous lecture?" Translation: Önceki derse neden geldiler?


Neden önceki derse geldiler?

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.


I don't understand, why it is "geldiler" and not "geldiler mi" that is the question form of the verb. I am thinking that the question word "neden" absorbs the question form of the verb, but I would like to know if this assumption is correct. Also, can we put "neden" in the beginning of the sentence, such as ''neden önceki derse geldiler?''


My understanding is that the m* question particle is for yes/no questions, and that when you have a "question word" such as neden, kaç, hangi, etc., there is no need for m*. This page corroborates: https://elon.io/learn-turkish/lesson/question-words

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