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"The sea is both blue and green."

Translation:Deniz hem mavi hem de yeşil.

August 7, 2015



why is there no "ve" in this sentence


"Hem ... hem de ..." is the template for "both ... and ...". It doesn't use "ve" (but the "de" can have a meaning of "and").


But in a sentence before de meant "of" that is so confusing. :/


But in a sentence before de meant "of"

Was that sentence in Spanish or French, perhaps?

The basic meaning of de in Turkish is "also".


That was a good one... :D No it was here. Even today I still remember it was some think like "both of the cats are white"


Maybe I'm lost now but should "The sea" not be in possessive case? And what about "ikisini de" as both? "Denizi ikisini de mavi ve yeşil."?


"...-in ikisi(ni) de" is for "both" in the sense of "the two (noun)s".

Here, you're not talking about "both seas" -- your sentence would be "Both of the seas are blue and green", except that it's wrong because you used the accusative (ikisini) for the subject of the sentence.

Instead, you're talking about one sea that is "both ... and ...", and you need the "hem ... hem (de) ..." construction for that: "Deniz hem mavi hem de yeşil".

Compare also: "Both the sea and the island are blue": "Hem deniz hem (de) ada mavi(dir)".

Here again, it's not "both seas" or "both islands" as in two of the same object, but you want to say that not just one thing but also the other thing is what you are talking about, so "hem ... hem de ..." is appropriate.


Good explanation for me too, thanks Mizinamo


Thank you for explaining :)


Really very good explanation


the translation could be: "Deniz ya mavi ya de yesil"?


I believe that ya ... ya da is "either ... or" rather than "both ... and". (And the da shows vowel harmony to the ya.)


Thanks for your explanation mizinamo :)


Why does "Deniz" not have an accusative suffix and it isn't plural either?


The accusative case is used for direct objects of verbs.

Deniz is the subject here.


"The sea is both blue and green." Translation: Deniz hem mavi hem de yeşil.

Hem - and.


Deniz hem mavi hem yeşil. The sea is Blue & Green. - Correct.


I can not listen

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