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  5. "Vi har gjort stora framsteg."

"Vi har gjort stora framsteg."

Translation:We have made great progress.

August 7, 2015



Framsteg was introduced in another sentence as "improvements". Now it's telling me that this is incorrect. Could I get some clarification on what this word specifically means and how it is normally used?


Well, it can mean both. We use it both in a general sense of progress, but also about specific things that are an expression of progress, i.e. improvements or advancements. It literally means "step(s) forward" if that helps. A closer translation for improvements might be "förbättringar" (förbättra - to better, to improve).


This is a good explanation. I'd say that improvements isn't generally a great translation for framsteg: as Joel says, the normal translation of improvements is förbättringar. And the normal translation of framsteg is progress. However that other sentence you're referring to, albernegiraffe, is Små framsteg är också bra. And here we run into an interesting difference between how framsteg and progress work. In Swedish, framsteg is a countable noun, but progress in English is uncountable. This means that in order to keep the plural meaning of Små framsteg är också bra, you need to switch words in English, and then, improvements is suddenly the best word available. (advancements works too).


små framsteg: Is that not true of this sentence as well? I'm still not sure why "stora framsteg" here can't be translated as "big improvements" (and I was marked wrong for it). Tack.


Is there a reason why we can't use "steps forward" as the English translation too?


A better translation of steps forward from English into Swedish would be steg framåt, and it would be less abstract. As I said, the normal translation of framsteg is indeed progress.


Is "framsteg" understood to be plural in this sentence, given the form "stora"?


I can't speak for other country's english, but in Australia it would be very common to say 'steps forward' instead of progress, but this is marked as wrong.


Can’t we use the colloquial “step forward” here? This would be a very mnemonic translation.


Or maybe We have taken a big step?


I translated this as, "We have made great strides." Now, to be honest, this was a bit of a guess, as the word "framsteg" was unfamiliar to me. However, would that be considered a fair translation? (It wasn't accepted.)


How do you say "good progress" in Swedish? Is good progress not quite as good as great progress? [serious question, not narky]


why not "we have made great strides"?


why can't I say "we have made big improvements"??

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