"What is the meaning of justice?"

Translation:Wat is de betekenis van rechtvaardigheid?

3 years ago



Why can't 'de bedoeling' be used in this sentence?

3 years ago

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Bedoeling is the purpose/intention kind of "meaning", so for example Oh sorry, het was niet mijn bedoeling u te raken (Oh sorry, I didn't mean to hit you). Note the Dutch doel (goal) in bedoeling. Betekenis is a "content" kind of meaning (what is the meaning of this word, what does this setback mean for reaching our deadline).

Having made that distinction, I'm a little bit in doubt whether both meanings can be used here. I mean, I guess you could wonder why there is such a thing as justice (what's the meaning of having it in the first place?).

3 years ago


Very helpful! Thanks for explaining that distinction so clearly. :)

1 month ago

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"Justitie" should also be accepted as a translation of "justice". Justitie, rechtvaardigheid and gerechtigheid are all synonyms.

1 year ago
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