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Georgian lesson: Time: Imperfect

Today we'll discuss about imperfect, as it's second screeve in I Series, Present Subseries. Although imperfect belongs to Present Subseries, it's a past tense, and is the same as imparfait in French and imperfetto in Italian. Its question is რას შვრებოდა? (Ras shvreboda?)-What was he/she/it doing? It's similar to past continuous in English, but also has some differences.

When wishing to put verb in imperfect form, Georgian adds suffixes დი (Di) in first and second person singular, და (Da) in third person singular, დით (Dit) in first and second person plural and დნენ (Dnen) in third person plural. Here's the example:

კეთება (K'eteba)-to do/make (Subject verb) (Imperfect tense)

მე ვაკეთებდი (Me vak'etebdi)-I was doing/making (Here, the დი (Di) suffix is added)

შენ აკეთებდი (Shen ak'etebdi)-You were doing/making

ის აკეთებდა (Is ak'etebda)-He/she/it was doing/making (Here, the და (Da) suffix is added)

ჩვენ ვაკეთებდით (Chven vak'etebdit)-We were doing/making (The დით (Dit) suffix is added)

თქვენ აკეთებდით (Tqven ak'etebdit)-You were doing/making

ისინი აკეთებდნენ (Isini ak'etebdnen)-They were doing/making (Here, the დნენ (Dnen) suffix is added)

Although, when conjugating object verbs, everywhere is suffix და (Da) added, except third person plural, there's added დათ (Dat) (მქონდა (Mqonda)/ჰქონდათ (Hqondat) (I was having/They were having))

Imperfect indicates on action that occurred in past and lasted for a long time.

Hope you enjoyed :) Thanks for reading :)

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August 7, 2015



do you want us to pronounce the ch like chocolate or channukah?

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