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"Hunden är människans bästa vän."

Translation:The dog is man's best friend.

August 7, 2015



my answer was, ''the dog is the man's best friend'', and it was correct but there was another option of ''the dog is man's best friend''. but they are 2 totally different sentences, in english. the first is a specific dog and man, while the other is more of a general statement.


You're absolutely right, but they're both the same sentence in Swedish, so it has to accept both translations.


Wouldn't "the dog is the man's best friend" be "hunden är mannens bästa vän"? If we are talking about a specific man, we wouldn't call him "människan", would we?


Oops, yes. I agree.


I'm still a little confused. "människan" here means human beings in general, right? What about "hunden" here, does it mean a specific dog, or the species of dogs in general?


Humans in general, and dogs in general. :)


isn't människa unrelated to gender? why is "man" the only accepted translation?


"man's best friend" is the English idiom, with "man" meaning "mankind". I strongly dislike it myself, but it does make sense to include it in a language course.


So, is människan pronounced with a x sound like in sked or with a sh sound? The audio says männishans when saying the whole sentence but when clicking on the word it says männihuans...


It uses the same sound as in sked.

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