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  5. "Ihre Katze mag Milch?"


"Ihre Katze mag Milch?"

December 31, 2012



If you want to make a question in german you have to write the verb first, there is no other way to make a question in german. The right question should be: Mag ihre Katze Milch? I'm confused :S


How can i know if it is "Her", "Their" or "Your"? Just context?


You can't. If "Ihre" is not at the start of the sentence then you can differentiate "your" by the capital. In a proper text/conversation a native speaker makes this clear from the context.


I have the same question. How do we know if it's her or their or your here?


Another question regarding ihr/ihre. Is it the gender of the noun that decides which form of ihr(e) to use, or is it a gender of the pronoun? What I mean is this: Her dog = Ihre Hund OR Ihr Hund?!?! I'd say Ihre Hund, but I am so confused!


The noun. Ihr Hund, Ihre Katze, Ihr Kind, Ihre Schuhe (pl). This is also true for the case of the noun, but sofar we're only dealing with nominative pronouns


To add to my confusion, I tend to think that "Ihre Katze" could mean: 1. her cat, 2. your (plural) cat, 3. their cat. Am I right. I shall stop posting ihr/ihre - questions.... I am obviously confused.


Yeah, absolutely, why doesn't someone tell the Germans to clear up this mess? :-)


Well the German language reform committee did consider changing it, but Lichtenstein decided to Veto this reform? ;-)


audio not clear. I heard: Ihre Katze mag mich nicht?


Why is it your cats like when 'Likes' for 'your cat' is "mag" but 'like' for 'your cats' magen but here it says mag, sounded like "your cats likes".. I don't understand why not magen :)


Well actually, "Do your cats like milk?" would be "Mögen deine Katze Milch?" <sub>~</sub>Mögen is a strong verb so it changes in the ich, du, and es/sie/er forms.

Ich mag / du magst / er,sie,es mag / ihr mögt / wir mögen / sie, Sie (plural, formal) mögen

Katze is Katzen in plural.

ihre Katze mag Milch / ihre Katzen mögen Milch


"mag" is already telling you that the subject is singular. There is no confusion. Good luck!


I am so confused with this ihr/ihre pronoun. I would think that "Ihre Katze mag Milch" could mean both "Your cat likes milk" and/or "Her cat likes milk." The correct solution is "Your cat likes milk." Why not the second option?


Her cat likes milk is is also valid

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