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  5. "Was ist eindeutig?"

"Was ist eindeutig?"

Translation:What is clear?

October 21, 2013



What is the difference between 'Klar' and 'Eindeutig' ? Thanks.


Sometimes it really helps to be a Swede when learning German. It's quite easy to see the obvious similarities for me. So, I think I'm right when I say that "Eindeutig" means "ein" (one) "deutig" interpretation" - freely associated.


eindeutig corresponds to the Swedish word entydlig, i.e. something that only has one meaning, just as you said, one interpretation: ‚Die Anweisung ist eindeutig: geh!‘ - ‘The instruction is clear: go!’ This is a more abstract word.

klar corresponds to the Swedish word klar with the same meaning at meaning, it describes something that is clear in it’s physical appearance: ‚Das Wasser ist heute klar, gestern war es smutsig‘ - ‘The water is clear today, yesterday it was dirty.’ In other words, it’s concrete.

DISCLAIMER: I am a native speaker of or fluent in German, I have based the above claims on what the words mean in Swedish. Please, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

(@John_Swede Ja, oftast så hjälper det att kunna svenska då man lär sig tyska, det kan jag utan tvekan hålla med om.)


lingot for you....Thanks!


Just guessing here...

"Klar" is probably like "clear" in the literal sense: "Das Glas ist klar." "Eindeutig" is probably like "clear" metaphorically: "Alles eindeutig."

Correct me if I'm wrong.


But sometimes I say 'Alles klar' to my native German friend to mean ' everything clear' and he says that's completely correct.


Like I said, correct me if I'm wrong.

I do wonder, though.

@christian, can you help?


Allesklar also means "okay", richtig?


I think yes. When someone explains something,then I say alles klar if I understand that.


Yes. You can also say that if everything is going well or correctly. For example, if you're at a restaurant and the waiter asks if you need anything, you could say "nein, alles klar"


Is there a difference in usage between eindeutig and deutlich?


I am wondering about that too (eindeutig -deutlich). Could a native speaker explain the difference, please?


I'm pretty sure ''deutlich'' is an adverb. ''Eindeutig'' seems to be an adjective.

So if you were to say, write clearly, I guess that would be, ''Schreiben Sie deutlich'' (write neatly).

''Eindeutig'' kind of represents unabiguity.


Deutlich’ can also be an adjective, but it means more ‘intelligible, understandable’ than ‘unequivocal’.


Is this an expression that carries more meaning than the literal translation?


Why isn't unambiguous okay here?


I'm not clear on this either (no pun intended). The dictionary definition is 'unequivocal' which would seem to indicate that unambiguous should also be correct (but then 'clear' and 'unambiguous' also mean the same in this context). 'What is clear' feels like a sentence fragment rather than a question in its' own right (as in 'What is clear is..... )


You are right! "Eindeutig" is much more precise than "klar". "What is clear?" = "Was ist klar?".


What is plan? duolinguo you don't quite sound right...


Samantha, I think it is a typo... that it should be "plain", which can mean uncomplicated or simple in English... plan is a countable noun and certainly doesn't fit here. It would need an indefinite article.


Agreed. That sentence is just eindeutig unclear to me.


If eindeutig is distinct, why isn't it given as a translation?


@Duncan1000: Yes


In normal language "eindeutig" is much stronger it doesn't let room for questions, (clear, unmistakable, positive) where deutlich means 'only' clear. It is also strong, but not as strong as "eindeutig".


I don't know the answer, but I can tell

in Math's it is the adjective which describes distinct uniqueness, on the other hand "eineindeutig" describes: bijective or one-to-one relationship!

And an answer to that question could be: Eindeutig ist, wenn etwas zueinander passt und es nur eine Moeglichkeit gibt wie es passt. Zum Beispiel wie bei einem Puzzle.

{do I have to translate?}


Wow that sentence was hard to figure out! Great example, though, thank you!


I see. I translate:

Eindeutig ist, wenn etwas zueinander passt und es nur eine Moeglichkeit gibt wie es passt. Zum Beispiel wie bei einem Puzzle.

Something can be called to be 'distinct' if things fit together just in one (distinct) and correct way, for instance pieces of a puzzle.

Another way of using "eindeutig" would be:

The mother tells the child not to leave the house without shoes and says it loud and clear. She finishes the sentence with: "Was that clear!"

German: Mutter sagt: "Du gehst nicht ohne Schuhe aus dem Haus, war das eindeutig!"

Kid says: "Yes mum"


What does this sentence mean? Heard of "Is it clear" but not "What is clear?"


Could it be translated: What do we know for sure?


Eindeutig das Glas ist klar = Cleary the glass is clear!


I put "What is certain?" and it was accepted, if someone needs a different translation.


What is wrong doesn't work for some reason....ohwell.


Why would it work? ‘Eindeutig’ has nothing to do with ‘wrong’, it means ‘unambiguous, clear’.


Why wasn't 'undoubtful' accepted? I searched some other dictionaries online and they all provided an equivalence between the two words. Plus, eindeutig sounds a bit like undoubtful to me. Reported it, hope it's correct.


"What is obvious?" was accepted. (December 2017)


I don't understand the context of this sentence and why it gave "plan" as a possible translation of the word "eindeutig"??


In other sentences DL accepts "unequivocal" as a translation of "eindeutig". It should be accepted here too. Reported.


I think duolingo messed up. Plan listed as an answer instead of plain.


The answer "What is planned" is bad English


Why? It certainly doesn't fit here but it isn't wrong English -- "What do you have planned/what is planned for today?"


This sentence makes no sense at all. The suggested translation doesn't make any sense. I've tried this on several native German speakers and they also think this makes no sense. I tried google and other tools and i couldn't get a sensible translation.


Only a German could ask "What is clear?" Is the sentence meant to be ironic? or perhaps argumentative? or was the owl simply enjoying some wordplay?


Maybe it is not "only a German" who could ask "What is clear?", but instead "only the type of person who thinks in tiny sentence fragments without enough context" - At the moment there are 54 comments to this tiny sentence fragment. This indicates that the meaning is NOT clear because there is not enough context to help language learners "get it". Duolingo ought to remove this sentence; a better sentence certainly exists to replace it.

[deactivated user]

    I'm just guessing, but I think Eindeutig means when something is open. "The space is clear." Klar I think refers when you are able to see through something. "The glass is clear." Or when something is obvious. I own Harry Potter und die Kammer des Schreckens and One of the sentences is "Das ist mir klar." Which means "That is clear to me." In English the sentence is "That is obvious."


    "Eindeutig" doesn't mean "open" - open = offen
    But you are right with "obvious". "Eindeutig" means "without ambiguity". In this sense you can use "klar". I can imagine only one situation for the sentence "Was ist eindeutig" You have a long discussion about a mistake and your boss wants to cut off the discussion and says "Das ist eindeutig dein Fehler!" (Obviously it's your mistake!). And you are getting furious: "Was ist eindeutig!" (And here it means: "Nothing is obvious (for you)."

    [deactivated user]

      Ok. That makes sense. Thank you.


      Clear and evident mean the same thing in English. Either should be acceptable answers in this sentence.


      Evident might be a different word. :)


      Es ist nicht eindeutig; alles ist relative.


      This question implies to me a mental state, with the meaning "understandable." "Clear" meaning a clear sky would more likely be "klar." I reported to Duo that I think both answers should be accepted.


      I wrote: What is unmistakeble? and was wrong????


      That makes no sense


      The voice recognition is totally broken. Please fix it.


      Can't you also translate 'eindeutig' as 'evident'?


      What is the difference between deutig and eindeutig?


      Deutig’ doesn't exist, you were probably thinking of ‘deutlich’: it means ‘clear’ in the sense of ‘intelligible, obvious, noticeable’. ‘Eindeutig’, on the other hand, is pretty much the opposite of ‘mehrdeutig’ (‘ambiguous’) and it means ‘clear’ in the sense of ‘having only one interpretation, unambiguous, unmistakable’. There's of course a lot of overlap there and they can often be used interchangeably (if something is unambiguously X it's also obviously X), but they have their distinct implications.


      Whats the difference between deutig and eindeutig?


      You have as translation "What is plan" ?????


      I said "what is wrong?" The red incorrect notice said "What is plan?" (The was missing) but the forum says "What is clear?" Inconsistent Duolingo!


      "Which is clear" not accepted?


      Ok it says the correct answer is "what is plan" that is not a correct English sentence. What is the plan but that's not even the correct translation


      What's plan? That makes no sense.


      Apparently not my memory of this word.


      The answer they gave is "what is plan" which does not make sense at all

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