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"Ne forgesu brosi viajn harojn!"

Translation:Don't forget to brush your hair!

August 7, 2015



Trump, ne forgesu brosi vian perukon


Is "hararo" equally acceptable here? I thought "hararojn" would be more correct in this context - wouldn't "haro" refer to just a single hair, and "hararoj" to a group of hairs not necessarily a person's head of hair?


Apparently, haro means a single hair, like in many Latin languages. On the contrary, "hair" in english have no plural form (as far as I know), and means both a single hair (haro) and a group of hair (hararo), like, apparently, in many German languages.
See the Reta Vortaro to read the definitions and compare the multiple translations of haro/hararo.


"Hair" can be a countable noun. Here is an example from the Oxford dictionary:

"The rug was covered with cat hairs."

But it can be an uncountable one, too. ;)

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