"Some day the roots of that tree will destroy the wall."

Translation:Iam la radikoj de tiu arbo detruos la muron.

August 7, 2015

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"Iu tago la radikoj de tiu arbo detruos la muron." Why is this wrong? I feel it should be a valid answer, but I am not that sure to report it. Duolingo only accepts "Iutage" instead of "Iu tago".


Either "iutage" or "iun tagon" would be correct.


I did the same thing. Maybe "Iu tago" is wrong because it's just a noun that's not doing anything. I'll bet that "Je iu tago" (on some day) might be legitimate. I don't know for sure, though.


La Vortaro at LernuNet says: "iutage (iu·tag·e ← tag·o) = one day, someday"


I think you could be right with "Je iu tago". Any "spertulo" here?


Stultulo ĉi tie. Duo nun akceptas kaj 'je iu tago' kaj 'iun tagon'

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    The Esperanto here now is "Iam la radikoj de tiu arbo detruos la muron". I thought "iam" means sometime. Don't you need to say "iam tage" or something similar to mean some day?

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