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Lack of conjugation help

When I was doing the spanish course, I usually had the option to hover over a word with my pointer and click a conjugate button which looked like this: http://i.imgur.com/Z8ZQzMh.png

However, I have yet to see it on the turkish course. Is this something that is going to be added? Because it makes it a lot harder to learn the verb rules (even though they are relatively simple)

August 7, 2015



That is a great question although we don't have much power over it as moderators/contributors. We would love to have this, but it would be implemented by the Duolingo staff instead of us :/


Alright, thanks for the reply! Should I ask somewhere else to see if the duolingo team has anything to say about this?


We have asked before and I don't think it is a project for the foreseeable future. You could write in the Troubleshooting Forum perhaps :)


Someone from Duo HQ made a statement saying this was only available for the non-incubator languages because the incubator courses are structured differently in the back-end of the course. They said this is the same reason only non-incubator languages have words tabs. Because of the structure of the new courses, they said this would require a significant amount of programming to do, so it's not in the foreseeable future.

Give me a moment to find that statement, or if someone else has it handy, comment.

It really is unfortunate, that can be a very useful tool, not only for verbs, but for nouns and adjectives that have irregular vowel harmony, like "saatler" or "harfler".


Alright, thanks for the more in depth answer! It sounds kind of strange though, surely there are plenty of tables on the internet over conjugations for these words, they could at least just link to them or something


Merhaba! Let me explain the conjugations for you...

Conjugation is always the same for every single word. There are no irregularities. But you must regard the vowel harmony.

And also note that letters p, ç, t and k at the end becomes (by same order) b, c, d and ğ before suffixes that start with a vowel. I don't know why! That's the rule!

küçük - üm = küçüğüm (I am small)

küçük - sün = küçüksün (You are [singular] small)

küçük = küçük (He/she/it is small) [no congujation lol!!]

küçük - üz = küçüğüz (We are small)

küçük - sünüz = küçüksünüz (You are [plural/formal] small)

küçük - ler = küçükler (They are small) [same as the plural suffix]


Thank you for taking the effort! luckily I came across a memrise course which was very helpful to me! http://www.memrise.com/course/80355/basic-turkish-7/ It featured all the needed conjugations. I'm thinking of posting it on the forum so others could see it as well^^


I didn't even know that button existed xD. Maybe it is because I normally do duolingo on my phone? Would be handy for many people yeah. Turkish can be a quite a puzzle ( a very enjoyable puzzle though). I have been learning all the conjugations the trial and error way in all my languages so far.

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