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"You have many aunts, but I have the most."

Translation:Du har mange tanter, men jeg har flest.

August 7, 2015



Can someone explain to me why ''Du har mange tanter, men jeg har de mest'' is not accepted?


'mest' is used for uncountable nouns, while 'flest' is used for countable nouns.

many - more - most = mange - fler/flere - flest

much - more - most = mye - mer/mere - mest


Ah, that makes sense. Takk for hjelpen! :)


If tanter is a countable noun, can you give some examples for uncountable nouns which are used with mye/mer/mest? In these lessons we used mange/flere/flest the most (mest). Or have I now give an example myself?


Det er mye vann i bassenget. Det er mer vann i bassenget enn i kjelleren, men det er mest vann i havet.


We could also discuss how "most" (in both English and Norwegian) can be known to be correct, when only two groups of aunts are being compared. Surely it is "more," not "most?"


If you replace 'du' with 'dere' then it makes sense. In English you can add an 'all' to 'you' if you want to make it clearer. And it can be a simple exaggeration. Like two kids bragging : 'your father is strong but mine is the strongest'.

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