"An bhfuil siad á léamh?"

Translation:Are they reading it?

August 7, 2015

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Could this be are they reading them?


Yes. It could also be “Are they being read?”.


If that's so, it should be marked as correct.


It is so, but acceptance of that as another correct answer for this exercise is in the hands of the course creators.


"à", with a grave accent, is a French preposition, and might mean something in Scottish Gaelic.

á, with an acute accent, is a possive adjective when used as the object of a verbal noun. https://www.teanglann.ie/en/fgb/á

It's discussed briefly in the Tips and Notes for the Verbal Noun skill:

There are whole series of exercises demonstrating its use:
Bhí sé do m'ionsaí - "He was attacking me"
Bhí sé do d'ionsaí - "He was attacking you"
Bhí sé á ionsaí - "He was attacking him"
Bhí sé á hionsaí - "He was attacking her"
Bhí sé dár n-ionsaí - ""He was attacking us"
Bhí sé do bhur n-ionsaí - "He was attacking you guys"
Bhí sé á n-ionsaí - "He was attacking them"

Some of the comments on those other exercises discuss the grammar behind this construction.

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