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Words with affixes

I would love to get a list of words with the different affixes.

I know that -ar- mens a collection. But it's not that easy. arbaro is a forrest (a collection of trees). vortaro is a dictionary (a collection words) But according to my vortaro, libraro isn't a library as I would have guessed, - but 'just' a bookcollection. A library would be a biblioteko

Not examples which you yourself have just found, but "real" usually used examples

Also with other affixes:

-uj- I know mono (money), monujo (a purse/wallet). But there must be a lot of usually used examples here too.

What about -acx-? What about -ajx-? What about -em-? What about -er-? What about -il-? What about -um-?

If you have examples with other affixes I am also interested, but mostly these. I would love to get 3-5 normally used examples of each.

Thank you very much!

August 7, 2015
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