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Procuro por alguém para me ajudar a aprender um pouco mais de Inglês!!

Looking for someone who want to help me to learn a bit more os English! =D

Hello there, I'm a brazilian and I'm looking for someone to help me to improve my english. In exchange of that, I can teach you some things in Portuguese. It isn't much thing, but is something, hahaha. I really want to elevate my level of English, maybe be fluent in this language someday, but for this I need some help. I'll be very thankful to anyone who would help me! Please, If you want to help me, send me a message! I will be really glad!! Thank for the attention!! See ya!

Ps: sorry for the mistakes on the text, it's for avoid mistakes that I'm asking for someone's help.

3 anos atrás

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Hello! If you want to improve your English level you must to start reading and writing. you don´t must write a long text,who write more more and more write wrong. Start with short text it help. study the grammatical structure the English with no it you do not learn

3 anos atrás