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  5. "Takk for det siste brevet."

"Takk for det siste brevet."

Translation:Thanks for the last letter.

August 7, 2015



What is differrnce between "forrige" and "siste"


'Forrige' = previous

'Siste' = last


How can you make the difference between "the latest news" and "the last news" in Norwegian? "Forrige" is previous, but that's not the same as "latest". Who knows?


It's not letting me respond to comments, but is "siste" last as in previous, or last as in final?


"Thanks for your last letter," was rejected. When I typed this, I was thinking that 'det siste brevet' might be similar to 'washing his/her face' (Han/hun vasker ansiktet). Is the inclusion of 'ditt/sitt' required when discussing letters, or can it be implied in the same way 'man vasker ansiktet' implies that one is washing his/her own face?


So I know that "Takk for sist" can be used as a greeting. Is this how you would start a letter?


Shouldnt this be forrige? I guess contexually it could be either.


I don't think so. "Forrige" means "previous" so other letters have followed. With the last letter no other letters will follow.


I don't think this is really the case. "Thanks for the last letter" just means "thanks for the last letter you wrote me", it doesn't mean that the won't follow any more after that. If you say "thanks for the last time" it doesn't mean that you won't ever meet that person again.

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