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"Estis facile interesi min pri Esperanto."

Translation:It was easy to interest myself in Esperanto.

3 years ago



Why is it "to interest myself" rather than "to interest me"? Duo accepted the latter, but how would I be able to tell the difference between the two, which have different meanings in my opinion.

2 years ago

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I , myself, strongly disagree with the use of the word "myself" in this sentence. A reflexive pronoun can only be used when the subject and object of the sentence are the same. e.g. "I saw myself in the mirror". OR for emphasis. In the sentence under discussion "It" is the subject. Therefore myself cannot be used.
I shall report this.

2 years ago


How about « to take an interest in »?

While a less literal translation, it appears more natural while preserving the meaning.

3 years ago