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  5. "Six, seven, eight."

"Six, seven, eight."

Translation:A sé, a seacht, a hocht.

August 8, 2015



I was wondering why exactly the a preceeds all the words for numbers in this form? No one else seems to be asking.


It's just a particle Irish uses when counting.


Yeah… but where does it come from? What is the etymology, the logic behind it?


I just answered this without the 'a' counting particles, and while I was marked right Duolingo pointed out the alternate answer with the particle.

As far as I can tell, a speaker would use 'a' when counting, say, as the response to a question like "can you count to ten? -- an féidir leat a comhaireamh go deich?"

What kind of situation might a speaker say the sequence "sé, seacht, ocht" without the particle? While reading the sequence of digits '6 - 7 - 8' off of a credit card?


Everytime I count in irish, I hear Lawrence Welk's voice. "A one, and a two...". Most people will probably have no idea who I'm talking about.

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