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  5. "¿Quién es el agente?"

"¿Quién es el agente?"

Translation:Who is the agent?

December 31, 2012



does agente actually mean employee? the dictionary thingie says it does.


I think I'm just going to use empleado for employee and agente for agent since that's the way it was presented but in some contexts it probably can mean employee...


Yeah. It's just like with "artist" and "painter." Some peeps want "pintor" to mean, "artist". But in both Spanish and English "painter" and "artist" are two different words. "Pintor" does not mean, "artist," it just means, "painter," and nothing more. So simple.


Is there a rule for spelling the G as in green or as in agente ?


Yes, there is:

Before an i or an e, spell the g like the j in jugo (agente). Otherwise, spell it like a g (gringo).


Um... I think you mean "pronounce", not "spell". "Spell" refers to which alphabet letters one uses; "pronounce" is what sounds one makes with one's mouth.

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