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  5. "How much do you weigh?"

"How much do you weigh?"

Translation:Kaç kilosun?

August 8, 2015



"Kilon ne kadar?" cümlesi de doğru olmalı.


Eklendi. Bir dahakine doğru kabul edilecek.


why not use a form of ağırlık or tartı


Could somebody explain kilosun? I would have expected something like senin kilon kac but kilosun looks like it is coming from some verb, although that would more likely end with -rsun.


This expression uses "to be" rather than "to have." It is different from the other stat question in the exercise: Boyun kaç? which means "how much is your height?" while Kaç kilosun(uz)? means "How heavy are you." The confusing part is that "Kilo" in Turkish is both a concrete noun (kilogram) and an abstract noun (weight), and context determines which it is.


Thank you very much for the reply. Can you tell me why it is kilosun and not kilon? Using kilosun gives me the impression that there is a verb kilomak. I googled that and found that kilomak does exist but means to lose weight.


Sure. The difference is the possessive suffix -un vs. the verbal suffix -sun(uz). (Remember that the verb "to be" is irregular - it is added as an unaccented suffix to adjectives and nouns). So with "kilo" it is just like the difference between "your cat" (kedin cf. kilon) and "you are a cat" (kedisin cf. kilosun).

The difference is actually more clear with second person (because possessive and to be are different) and less so with first person because they are spelled the same (patronúm - my boss vs. patrónum - I am a boss).


More succinctly, the difference is that "kaç kilosun?" literally means "How much weight are you?" as opposed to "kilon kaç?" "how much is your weight?"

The latter would be intelligible to Turkish speakers, but the more common idiom is the former.


would this be acceptable ''senin boyununu ne kadar'' ??


Boy = height but not weight

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