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  5. "Jeg liker brødet."

"Jeg liker brødet."

Translation:I like the bread.

August 8, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Hei! Is there a difference in pronounciation between "brød" and "brødet"?


    The audio for this sentence is unfortunately not correct. It should somewhat like "brøe", but it seems the '-et'-part has been cut off. 'brød' should be pronounced as 'brø'.


    How do you say, "I like bread"?


    "Jeg liker brød."


    How do I say “i like this bread“


    "Jeg liker dette brødet."


    What is the difference between "Jeg liker brød" and "jeg liker brødet"? Is it only "a" and "the" or something more sense.


    Excessive use of 'the'.


    Person 1: brings bread Person 2: takes bite Ew!! This is disgusting!! Person 1: looks sad Person 3: takes bite, looks at Person 1 reassuringly I like the bread.


    This one is really annoying brød and brødet are both right since we have no context to distinguish which is right


    When do i have to put "en" on the end of a word and when do i have to put "et" to make it "the ......." for example "brødet" or "mannen".

    [deactivated user]

      It depends on an article. If a word has the article "en", you put "en" at the end of the word, like in "en mann" -> "mannen" example. If a word has the article "et", you similarly place it at the end of the word, like in "brød" -> "brødet". As it comes to articles themselves, you have to learn them by heart, though most words tend to have the "en" article.

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