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Save the date for ARE! Join us for a beautiful long Esperanto weekend, Oct. 10-12, Silver Bay, NY!

Come and join us for the 22nd edition of ARE (Aŭtuna Renkontiĝo de Esperanto) en Silver Bay (Lake George), NY - October 10-12! Partoprenu la 22an Aŭtunan Renkontiĝon de Esperanto (ARE) en Novjorkio, Silver Bay (Lake George): 10-12 de oktobro! Belega naturo, amika etoso kaj multe da esperantumado atendas vin! http://www.esperanto.qc.ca/eo/are

August 8, 2015



I would love to attend but Silver Bay is rather out of the way of public transportation, Albany would be better (Amtrack station right downtown). Unless someone knows something I don't?


I'm picking up some folks at the train station north of Albany, passing through Albany on the way. Still room for more in my car.


Haaa, mi irus sed mi loĝas en Kalifornio.


This event happens every year. Here's FB posting for the event in 2016. By the way, if transportation from Albany is an issue, there's always a ride share.



A few more days of early (free) registration left for 2016. We've got about 50 people signed up for the 2016 event.

New web page: are-esperanto.org

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/878659765593725/


My husband and I will be there. We have a good sized group coming from the Boston area, including a few new folks who have never been before! Exciting!

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