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"Çocuklar diğer odada oturacak."

Translation:The children will sit in the other room.

August 8, 2015



I wrote "the children will sit in another room", which was marked as incorrect. Is 'diğer' always definite? And how would you say 'another room' in Turkish?


Could this also mean "The children are going to stay in another room." during the visit in a hotel, for instance?


venatio, "in another room" would be "diğer bir odada".


I wrote the following which is marked as wrong 'Çocuklar diğer odada oturacaklar' as technically children is plural then they will sit is not wrong. I know Turkish often shorten this, but I cannot see how this is wrong??????


Bill, Marko's comment above answers to your question. And my comment too. Please, do read them. Thanks


I don't see the point of these questions when as a non-Turkish speaker and new learner it is impossible to figure out what is being said--especially when there are vocabulary words that haven't appeared before!


I don't actually understand your question. Are you complaning about the whole Duolingo system?


No, not at all--I love Duolingo. But I'm finding the audio questions, where you have to listen and write down what you hear, are often very difficult because I'm not used to the sound of Turkish and some of the words haven't appeared before (or maybe have, but just once or twice). If the sentences could be shorter, less complex, and using vocabulary that has been hammered in already, that would help! But I'm loving the opportunity to learn a little of this language--thank you.


Why is "a different room "not correct? And can you please advise about "oturmak" translated as "sit". I thought it could also mean "live" as in "Fethiyede oturuyorum". Thanks!!!!


oturmak can mean both to sit and to live

a different room is said / translated as farkli bir oda


Why "oturacak", and not "oturacaklar"? The children are in plural.


This is not necessary because cocuklar is already used in plural.

cocuk oturacaklar & cocuklar oturacak = the same meaning

"Çocuklar oturacaklar" is wrong in Turkish.


Marko, i think that "çocuklar oturacaklar" is not wrong but redundant. I observe since the beginning that Turkish the lightest it is the best it is.


My oturecek was marked wrong then my oturacak was marked wrong too. Where i went wrong i dont get it


Please change this so 'stay' is acceptable, or change the context so that it is clear the children are sitting.


to stay = kalmak

This sentence is correct because oturmak means to sit.

The children are sitting = Çocuklar oturuyor

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