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  5. "Neden havuzda değil?"

"Neden havuzda değil?"

Translation:Why is she not in the pool?

August 8, 2015



where exactly the Turkish sentence refers to the word " she "


The fact that there is no personal ending on the end of "değil" would imply that it must be a 3rd person singular subject :)


so just to be clear, this could also be "why is he not in the pool?", since there is no specific subject of the sentence? or why is it not in the pool also?


Can i also say if i want to translate it from english to turkish : " Neden o havuzda degil? " ??


Yep..that is perfect.


and how would you say "why not in the pool" please?


and why not 'at the pool', which is what I wrote?


"at the pool" was accepted in my answer in July 2018


I have this same question


Could this question also be the response to "lets swim in the sea" "neden havuzda değil?" as why not in the pool? can it be used?


"Neden havuzda değil?" Translation: Why is she not in the pool?

No reference is given in the Turkish question to: O - he/she/it & that.

"Why not in the pool?" Accepted as correct answer by Duo.

Trade/Economic: Havuzda toplamak - pool. This reference is correct & no swimming required.


But isn't the question word supposed to go on the end. It leaves me wondering this: if someone told me they're going to swim in the sea not the pool and I ask why not at the pool, how would I phrase the latter part of that sentence? Why not at the pool... Without a pronoun. The same as here? Neden havuzda değil. Or would the question word then go on the end, unless değil always always goes on the end ?

What I'm really asking is could this also simply mean: why not at the pool?


How would you say: she is AT the pool?


"at the pool" was accepted as a translation for "havuzda" for my answer in July 2018; hence, "havuzda" probably works for both "in the pool" and "at the pool".


I think that the origin of havuz is an Arabic حاووز


If i want to say 'Why not the pool ? ' how do we say it ?


Can anybody reject thıs translation and why : Why is not in the swimming pool?

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Your sentence does not have a subject, which is necessary in English.
Unless "Why" is the name of a person, of course... :-)

Unless you meant to write: "Why is she not in the swimming pool?", which I believe is a correct translation of the above.


How can we know it refers to ( she)


There is no real way of knowing. he/she/it are all the same in Turkish.


"Why is she not in the pool?" And "why isn't she in the pool" are both correct. İ just asked my university english teacher . But the meaning is diffrent . The first one emphasizes on the location And the second one emphasizes on the person. Alex you're making a mistake for sure. İt can be said.


hi ashkan, the meaning of the two sentences is not different. it is only the intonation which would make it as you stated above. "why is she not in the pool?" focuses on location, "why is she not in the pool?" emphasizes the person. same sentence whether you contract "is not" to "isn't" or not. you would have to hear it to know which is being emphasized.


Oh my god ! Why so many rules according to this language?!... pfff


Why isn't he in the pool? Is wrong? :/ why?


I think it should be

Neden o havuzda değil


What does show that it's she


Turkish language is very interesting and fun Somethings are difficult..but very easy and fun for me.


It sounds like the female doesn't pronounce the L at the end of değil. Is it generally like this in Turkish or something is wrong with the recording?


Can I say "neden havuzda değildir"?


I thought it would be why is there no pool? How is this wrong?


Good morning shahad. alaraj

"Neden havuzda değil?" Why is she not in the pool?

I thought it would be why is there no pool? How is this wrong?

Why is there no pool? --> Neden havuz yok?

Thank you.

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You missed the '-da' at the end of havuzda. This changes the meaning from "pool" to "at the pool" or "in the pool".


Bunlar sorununu çok zor ama yorgun değilim

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