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"Hvorfor kan du ikke leve her?"

Translation:Why can't you live here?

August 8, 2015



This sentence is kind of weird. Leve is to live, literally. If you wanted to construe the meaning of residing in a place you would use bo


Et rumvæsen tager dig til månen, hvor du ikke kan ånde. Det ser at du begynder at dø og spørger "Hvorfor kan du ikke leve her?"


What B-D is also saying is that the translation doesn't fit. In English, as soon as you append “here”, “to live” rather means to reside and not to be alive, at least when talking about people or animals. In miacomet’s abduction scenario, the alien, if fluent in English, would instead say, “Why can’t you {stay alive / survive} here [on the moon]?” The Danish word for to stay alive or to survive is “overleve”, but in this context “leve” would mean the same thing.

When talking about plants, on the other hand, “living somewhere” can mean surviving in that environment, but when addressing it in the second person, the meaning is blurred again.

I reported that “Why can’t you [stay alive / survive] here?” should be accepted.


I think they should just go ahead and change the English translation to that because as it is, without more context, they are teaching to use 'leve' as 'reside'. Just confusing learners.


it wouldn't be the first weird sentence we're asked to translate!


I'm confused with the pronunciation of "ikke" - here she pronounces it distinctly as ikke, yet before I have heard her say "egge" - completely different. Are both versions used by everyone, or is there some dialectal variation?


I guess it would come down to accent and dialect, but as a native dane, when I hear myself say the word, I hear the "egge"-version.

Hope that helps.


Happiest country in the world comes with high living costs, my dear. And I am a struggling musician.


Welcome to the visa struggle, my friend.


I used cannot and it didnt hit the mark. Please change that Duolingo team! :)


"Why cannot you live here" is incorrect. It should be "Why can you not live here", or as duolingo shortens it to "Why can't you live here".


I was taught that you don't use "at leve" with places, only "at bo". Yet there are several sentences in DL where "leve" is used with places. Is it wrong, old-fashioned or my Danish teacher simply forgot to mention something?

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