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"La femme"

Translation:The woman

December 31, 2012

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What is the difference between "la" and "le". I noticed the robe is "la robe" like woman. Is there an associated gender with specific inanimate objects or is it completely random?


La c'est pour le feminin et le c'est pour le masculin


Every noun has a gender. Sometimes the gender is obvious but most of the time you need to learn the gender along with the noun.


instead of "the girl" why is it "the woman"?


La femme = the woman
La fille = the girl


I'm confused at why the first 'e' is pronounced the same way as an 'a' sound is? Isn't an 'e' normally an 'eh' sound? Is it because it's a feminine word?


It's an irregular pronunciation. It's an exception to the rule.


How do you tell "woman" or "wife" apart on the sentence? I am on level one and this makes NO sense!!!


Normally if the sentence has "la femme/les femmes/une femme" it will be translated as "the woman/the women/a woman".

If you see "ma femme", you'll know it's "my wife" because saying "my woman" would be rude. Also "ta femme/votre femme" would be "your wife". And "sa femme" would be "his wife".

So basically, just translate "femme" as "woman" unless you have some context to indicate otherwise.


Would plural Women be La Femmes?


Les femmes = the women


what about the men ,isn't la is for women and le for men


le is for masculine nouns (grammatically masculine)
la is for feminine nouns (grammatically feminine)
The plural form for both is les

La femme - les femmes
L'homme - les hommes

The l' replaces either le or la when the noun starts with a vowel or non-aspirated h

Give this a peek. http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/articles_2.htm


Une femme = a woman

La femme = the woman

Un homme = a man

L'homme = the man

Une dame = a lady

La dame = the lady

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