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  5. "He cannot come either."

"He cannot come either."

Translation:Han kan heller ikke komme.

August 8, 2015



There should be more than one solution to this.. It is also perfectly acceptable and correct to say "han kan ikke komme heller"


I would interpret that as "He cannot even come", are you sure that's not what you meant?


Yes, I meant what I said. I can however, see what you mean, but as that is a matter of context and intonation, and the sentence could easily obtain both meanings (which are equally correct), I still think it should be a possible solution. The sentence you wrote, I would probably translate as "han kan ikke en gang komme".


Ridiculously pleased with myself for getting this one right :D


Hvorfor er det feil å si "han kan ikke heller komme"?


No. The expression "heller ikke" is a fixed expression and means "neither" (or "either", but in a negative sense).


Does this sentence follow the V2 rule or is it an exception? Is the "kan" occupying the V2 space part of the verbal phrase "kan ikke komme" that is split up for emphasis?


It does follow the V2 rule as 'kan', or rather 'å kunne' is a verb


To confirm: 'Heller ikke' is a fixed expression so does it come after 'kan' because 'ikke' has to come after it?

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