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Why to study Irish?, Why do you study Irish?


August 8, 2015



I was raised speaking Irish for academical purposes. For one, Irish has similarities to a few other languages: French loan words, different order of words, many different pronouns, conjugations etc. If you're a seasoned or beginning linguist, it's a nice challenge. There aren't that many words in the language either.

Many Americans and Canadians study Irish to get closer to their ancestors who came to North America during the great famine and later, as well as out of general interest. It's a flowy, poetic language which is spoken by a minority in Ireland, but still nevertheless a language and a pleasant one to learn at that.

Also, it's handy when you're abroad to talk to other Irish people without any chance of people understanding since it's not as well known as let's say French.


Why not? It's a beautiful language... I think it's "exotic" because it's different compared with other languages from europe and when you're learning it, you're helping to keep this language alive:)


Do you know the last news about Ireland?


To help keep the language alive, talk to friends who are native Irish speakers, and because it was the mother tongue of my great-grandparents.


because I'm bored, Irish is a nice challenge


Mar is aoibhinn liom Gaeilge <3.


Because it is very difficult for me.


Soon (TM) I will be studying Irish. It is one of my four heritage languages and is in the Celtic language family, which has been oppressed a lot.

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