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German Word Order Help?!


I was just wondering if anyone knows of any other websites that are useful for practicing German word order ( for example, how various connectives and time phrases affect word order). I know I will eventually get to this sort of thing on Duolingo but I would like to practice it as a separate thing so I can form sentences more accurately.

Many thanks!


August 8, 2015



I find these pages very helpful for learning German word order rules:

http://www.dartmouth.edu/<sub>german/Grammatik/WordOrder/WordOrder.html http://www.dartmouth.edu/</sub>german/Grammatik/WordOrder/WordOrder1.html

Even if you don't understand everything there, it's easy to pick out rules relevant to the level you're at and then come back to it whenever you learn new sentence elements that you aren't sure how to place.

I also have this site bookmarked, though I haven't used it yet:


Have a look through it and see if you find anything. :)


Thanks! I will take a look at these :-)


The deutsch akademie seems interesting. I have signed up and am trying it out. The other pages are extremely useful! It will take a while to read through it all but the amount of detail is good! :)


I personally can't think of any websites, but I would probably just Immersion my head off until things started making sense if I were in your position.


Yep I guess that's a good suggestion. I guess it would just be easier if word order was made into something you could pick up quickly - like some sort of mini game where you have to put words of a sentence in order.


I took four years of German in high school (I'm in the U.S.), and this (how to order the words in a sentence) was the part of learning the language that I found most difficult. I never did fully understand how and where to put various words in a sentence, as the structure of the sentences can be much different than in English. I would love an answer for this as well -- somewhere that explains in detail the "logic" with respect to sentence structure/word order.


Yes that would be great! Also something to help you then learn all these different word orders and memorise them! I'm continuing with German next year at school and am panicking slightly as I have just done a year of only French and am finding it hard to get back into German. Word order will be important particularly as we are having controlled assessments from the start which count in the exam!


In my experience it helps a lot to have an old school printed grammar to complement online learning and look up the more complex problems. Used ones are usually avaiable for a few bucks. Many people loose interest in language learning after a few weeks and sell their stuff.


Good idea. Do you know of any particular grammar books/brands that would be most useful for this?


As a native german i have no idea which brands are good for learning german. Only advice i can give is to get a "medium" grammar. A 30 page short for dummys wont help you with many aspects. On the other hand you really don't want a 340 page grammar that explains every absurd exception. You'll have to work through 23 pages of linguistic rambling to find your problem. At the moment i use a spanish "simple grammar" of 120 pages and its fine.


Thanks to everyone for all the extremely useful advice! It seems to me that word order is one of the most difficult things to learn in German and I hope I will be able to get the hang of it eventually...

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