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"My friends are at the train station."

Translation:Мої друзі на вокзалі.

August 9, 2015



"Мої друзі в поїздної станції"?


В українській мові немає виразу "поїздна станція", це може бути просто "станція" чи "вокзал".


If you want to specify that it's a train station, and not any other kind of station (e.g. bus station), you can say "залізнична станція" (basically, "railway station").


"Мої друзі знаходяться на вокзалі" також треба зараховувати як вірну відповідь.


It's correct, but unfortunately we do not have enough manpower to add "знаходиться" to every sentence that has "is" in it. And it can't be done automatically because we don't have any sort of smart algorithm that can find "is", decide that it can be translated as "знаходиться" (because not every "is" can), find the subject and conjugate "знаходиться" accordingly...

So, good for you that you know this expression :) But here it's not accepted, sorry. Simply write your sentence using "to be", I hope it's not too hard to remember.


Evidently, the place/event is NOT always placed first

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