What is the difference between z and iz (with)? Also on the strengthen skills, some of the words were combined and I'm pretty sure they're not supposed to be. Lastly, someone give me a reason to continue Ukrainian because I haven't been doing lessons lately and I really want to learn Ukrainian but it's so hard I need someone to tell me an easy thing about it.

August 9, 2015


З, ІЗ, ЗІ(ЗО) usage in Ukrainian.

Prepositions з, зі, із have the same meaning. Preposition зі is often used when the next word begins (or previous ends) with two or more consonants, while з is used when the next word begins (or previous ends) with a consonant or a vowel. із is often used between two consonants, but is still less popular unlike з, which is used the most. (From

A more detailed but in Ukrainian

If you it's still unclear I'll try and translate the Ukrainian website for you

Here's what's easy about Ukrainian. We don't have to worry about words like "a", "the" and "is." Я, Ти, are sometimes optional to use. For the most part, it's a phonetical language. Once you get use to writing and reading cyrillic, Russian will be much easier to learn.

I got very discourage the first time I spoke to a Native speaker online, but I held on to the belief that making lots of mistakes is one of the secrets to learning languages. But now I'm at the point where I can say dozens of survival phrases. Every Ukrainian native I've talked to so far has been very nice and helpful. They're impressed and delighted simply that someone is trying to learn their language.

You may want to post this to a specific language board. Right now it's just on the 'DuoLingo for English Speakers' discussion, and so it's not clear what language you're asking for help in. I'm pretty sure I can't help, but good luck!

Yeah since I had a multitude of questions I just put it under Duolingo when I should've done Ukrainian

I hope people here can help! I can't tell you anything easy (or hard) about Ukrainian, but I do think it's very cool that you're learning it.

I'm learning Latin and in my opinion it's like learning Latin all over again but with weird pronunciation and strange grammar rules. What keeps me going is that I know millions of people speak it easily

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