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Text Self-Translates; Also, No Feedback Form

A dual complaint: First, in my German lessons, the text is automatically translating. First it appears in German, and before I have a chance to translate it myself, it changes to English. When I'm supposed to select one of three German translations of English text, all three appear briefly in German and then auto-translate to English. I can't learn anything that way.

Second, I spent 10 minutes searching this site for a bug report form, feedback form, or anything for focused feedback to the developers. This community discussion page is not what I consider the right tool for this feedback, but it's the only thing I can find.

December 31, 2012



Most likely you have the Google Translate plugin, and it's automatically translating the page for you.


A really good thought. I'm using Chrome, which translates pages automatically, but it always tells me it's done so... and it's not doing so in this case. Furthermore, I just went and tested it on a few German sites, which it translated and alerted me, and then back on Duolingo, and this time the German lines remained German.

That doesn't mean it isn't Chrome/Google, but that it's lacking one distinct sign of Google Translate and, whatever is causing this effect, it is inconsistent. Sigh.


There's a tab on the middle left of the screen for submitting feedback.


I clicked it several times. Nothing happened.


Of course, NOW it's working. Sigh.

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