"The Esperanto course must be done."

Translation:La kurso de Esperanto farendas.

August 9, 2015

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Is it wrong to say "Endas fari la Esperantan kurson"?


In my opinion, no.


We understand it, so why not :-) From what I have heard, it is however not really common.

@mizinamo: One should have argument before saying that something can’t be done in Esperanto (because adding rules to state that we can’t do something is useless in the process of creating a language: it just makes it more complicated while restricting it...). Why do you say we can’t?


I agree with you. It is possible to say "Endas fari la Esperantan kurson", and there's no reason at all why one shouldn't.


Unless there's been some editing done in the meantime, mizinamo is saying that "no, it is not wrong to say it that way". He's just answering the question...

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