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"No, I could not reserve a place."

Translation:Hayır, yer ayırtamadım.

August 9, 2015



please, what is the difference between ayırmak and ayırtmak - i.e. with and without t?


If I understand it right the "t" equates to "have" so

ayırmak = to set something apart

ayırtmak = to HAVE something set apart


Ayırmak is also can be used for dividing. (Same meaning with bölmek)


As I came to this through the general "strengthen skills" button I am not sure where to find the grammar tips. Ideally it would be good to have a "help" button to go directly to the grammar notes but I guess that is a general feature the course mods have no influence on.

So could someone remind me where are the grammar tips for translation of "could not"? I looked at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Can but I guess that is the wrong place. I have forgotten the difference between "I did not ..." and "I could not ....".


that's actually the correct place, past tense works just like present (can vs could)


  • ayırtmam: I don't reserve
  • ayırtamam: I cannot reserve
  • ayırtmadım: I didn't reserve
  • ayırtamadım: I could not reserve


Does yer mean "eating" or "a place"?


It can mean "He/She/It eats" or "place" :)


Is there a shorter way to say no?

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