"Je ne connais aucun d'entre eux."

Translation:I do not know any of them.

October 22, 2013


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"Entre" can mean "between" or "among" '

"Aucun des deux" can be "neither of the two"

"aucun d'entre eux" is listed as "none of them" ("neither of them" and "none among them" are both possible for this expression. It depends on context.)

Perhaps since we do not know how many of them there are, they wanted to show us that we could also use this expression if there were only two of them as well as with more than two.

This is really a specific French expression that we just have to learn. I have heard it from my parents many times, but it always happened to be referring to more than two people. I would think "none of them" would cover two or more people. Without context, this should also be accepted.



November 14, 2013


I agree that in the absence of context "ne ... aucun d'entre eux" is better translated to "none of them" than "neither of them", though the fact that Duo originally used "neither of them" as the example translation was helpful for teaching that as a possibility.

Duo has now changed the example translation to "I do not know any of them", but "none of them" is also accepted.

June 10, 2018


Why is "I know no one among them" wrong?

February 13, 2014


Can someone tell me why "I do not know anyone of them" is wrong?

April 20, 2014


Anyone is a pronoun, so saying "I do not know anyone of them" is kind of like saying "I do not know her of them". Any one would be an adjective phrase that is closer to the meaning here.

June 28, 2014


"Me neither"? Seriously? I've reported it, but can someone confirm I'm not crazy in thinking this is completely wrong?

October 22, 2013


Me neither seems to be an answer (in a conversation) to the French sentence, not its translation. :)

October 22, 2013


You're not crazy, that makes no sense at all :) I've reported too.

October 22, 2013


Can anyone explain why the "entre" needs to be there?

November 11, 2013


Aucun d'entre eux = None among them. Aucun d'eux = None of them.

November 16, 2013


So the "entre" is there because "neither of them" implies there being none amongst a certain number? Thanks! That's very helpful.

November 16, 2013


I think the 'neither' in the English translation is misleading, since there could be more than two people in the group. The sentence would also work without 'entre.' It would mean the same thing, like in English.

November 17, 2013


The mean the same to me...

August 17, 2018


Can anyone explain when we should use "aucune"?

February 4, 2014


Feminine form of aucun. So, for example aucun d'entre eux / aucune d'entre elles.

February 4, 2014


thank you very much!

February 5, 2014


Isn't it mandority in French the "pas" thing?

February 22, 2014


"ne...aucune (something)" is an alternative to "ne...pas", just like "ne...jamais", "ne...rien", etc...

March 1, 2014


So, ne + another negative, right?

March 1, 2014

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March 18, 2014


To me, 'neither' seems to imply there are two people under consideration. If 'them' is a group of more than 2 people, then I wouldn't say "I know neither of them", but rather "I don't know any of them". So the English translation seems a bit off here.

July 2, 2014


Among and not amongst?

December 22, 2013



categorically there is no difference, to be on the safe side with duolingo, just use among, the more common. Same with while and whilst. :)

February 6, 2014


Would it also be correct to write this as "Je ne connais personne d'entre eux"?

February 14, 2014


hi guys, could this answer be correct? "i know none of them"

May 14, 2014


None of them is marked as wrong

August 30, 2014


Why not : "Je ne connais aucun d'eux"?

October 11, 2014


How would you say "I know of nothing between them," as in, "I don't think they are fighting; I know of nothing between them."?

April 7, 2016
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