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Turkish oral exercises

Merhaba. I'm enjoying the Turkish course but wondering why there aren't any oral exercises. Are they yet to be set up?

August 9, 2015



There are some, but I believe they're only for the Chrome version of Duo's website (so not yet for other browsers or the mobile apps). Also, last I heard they're still in the A/B test phase. I got lucky and am in the group that has access to them. It would obviously be nicer for everyone if they were more widely available, and I assume people are working on making that happen.


Thanks for that information. The unfamiliar pronouciation is the biggest obstacle for me so it's good to know that this is in the wings.


You're welcome! It's been this way for a few months now, so I don't know when you can expect the other speaking exercises to be ready, but the fact that they're doing the Chrome A/B test shows that it is something they're working on.

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