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  5. "Har ni något att sälja?"

"Har ni något att sälja?"

Translation:Do you have anything to sell?

August 9, 2015



Could you say "do you have anything 'for' sale"?


That's till salu. :)


Definitely going from Swedish to English, this should be excepted. It shows that the student knows exactly what the Swedish phrase means and only creates frustration by marking it as wrong.


It doesn't mean the same thing, though. Having something to sell and having something for sale are two different things.


How do you determine whether one translates 'något' as 'something' or 'anything'?


Usually through context. In this sentence, for instance, we accept both.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't "ni" plural?

Wouldn't "Do y'all (or you all) have anything to sell (for sale)" be right? I feel like this sentence is whack and not properly translated.


ni is indeed typically plural, although it can be used in the singular (which we don't recommend - long story).

The most common way of expressing this in English is just "you", but since "you all" or "y'all" is very common in large parts of America, we try to accept those two. However, they're missing in a lot of places, so when you encounter that they don't work, feel free to report them. I've added them to this sentence now. :)


Now I can play Fallout in Swedish


There are no different words for something an anything in Swedish?


Yes, there are, one example is: "something - nagonting, nagot", "anything - vad som helst". I hope that I understood the question proper.

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