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  5. "I am not a pillow."

"I am not a pillow."

Translation:Mi ne estas kuseno.

August 9, 2015



A useful phrase when visiting Katolando.


Mi ofte diras tiun al miaj infanoj, kaj la kato.


I learnt that "kuseno" was "cushion" and "kapkuseno" was pillow. I remember thinking how clever it was - a cushion for the head.


That means that all pillows are kusenoj but not all kusenoj are pillows. A kapkuseno is simply a specific kind of kuseno, but that doesn't make it a not-a-kuseno.


Possibly, though I've always thought of them as completely different things. I wouldn't use a cushion to sleep on except in an emergency, and I wouldn't put a pillow on the sofa. I just thought Esperanto saw a pillow as a specific type of cushion, but I've never thought of them like that in English. I would be happy if Duolingo accepted both 'kuseno' and 'kapkuseno' for pillow, but it seems odd that 'kapkuseno' is wrong.


Yes, it if does not accept "kapkuseno" for "pillow" then it should be reported.

(For what it's worth, German also does the "cushion versus head-cushion" thing: Kissen, Kopfkissen.)


I want to know what drugs went into designing these sentences. :D

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