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Suggestion for sound glitch while you guys are working on it

So, I have been losing hearts because of a periodic lack of sound, both on my iPhone and on the internet. I've tried the heart refill, but that's a little unfair if it's a technical problem. I find this incredibly frustrating.

So my suggestion is- I would like to have a no sound button that works like the "can't use my mic" button- if there's no sound I'd like to be able to report it and continue the lesson without penalty. Is that possible?

thank you!

October 22, 2013



Not sure if it's been fixed for you yet, or if you've found a way around it, but I think there's an option in the settings to turn off your speaker. I suppose that works like the no mic option you can do mid course, except you'd be turning it off entirely, and that's not really optimal for learning pronounciation, even if the MS voice-to-text engine (or whatever the site uses) isn't the best for learning pronounciation.


Hi! I'm here to learn Spanish and implement my language skills. This (sound glitch) came to my view mid-course. I'm having similar problems. As you mentioned, this may be a seasonal thing with the technical improvements, etc.

It's rather vital for me that the issues don't occur, because I can't seem to find any option to continue with the course without the "listening skills" and "speaking skills."

Your suggestion looks like a good option for newbies. Temporarily, at least.

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