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  5. "Vi er sannsynligvis alene."

"Vi er sannsynligvis alene."

Translation:We are probably alone.

August 9, 2015



So I looked this word up, and it seems to originate from the German word 'wahrscheinlich' (Du. waarschijnlijk). 'Sann' adj. -som stemmer med virkeligheten, riktig, korrekt. And 'synlig' - som kan ses.


I had a really hard time getting this word into my head, after breaking it apart and comparing it with the Dutch word "waarschijnlijk" it became easier for me:

sann - waar

syn - schijn

lig - lijk



Shit! That's it! Hahahah.. die 'vis' op het einde!


This is the post that FINALLY made if possible for me to commit the word sannsynligvis to memory a couple of months ago, after having had trouble with it for weeks. (I don't even know Dutch, but it's close enough to German wahrscheinlich that I completely get your breakdown.) I don't even have a problem spelling it correctly! So, thank you so much for this! :-)


May we know what sann syn, lig, and vis mean in English?


As far as I can tell, they are: sooth-sight-ly-wise, ie "it looks like the truth" = probably. Also note the pattern: tann => tooth sann => sooth munn => mouth


Wouldn't be surprising. There's a whole lot of German derived words in Norwegian.


"I Think We're Alone Now" Tommy James and the Shondells


for practice, try writing sannsynligvis 15 times as fast as you can! :)


'Sannsynligvis' is such a hard word! I just keep forgetting how to write it. So hard to change your typical settings of how to pronounce letters or words when you already speak two other languages.


This is yet another example of how this language has captivated me with its beauty. It sounds like magic!


Alene i huset eller alene i universet?


"sannsynligvis" -- what a beautiful word!


how can you tell when sannsynligvis is probably and when its perhaps. in english i use those two words interchangeably. Well, to be honest i never really use the word perhaps, only really probably. It counted me wrong for putting probably here and ive been trying to test out different instances of sannsynligvis comes up and it feels inconsistent.


"sannsynligvis" has a greater than ~55% chance of being true (and goes all the way up to ~99%)(in the speaker's mind), while "Kanskje" can occupy anything from extremely unlikely scenarios "Kanskje jeg vinner i lotto", coinflip scenarios "Kanskje bussen e på tiden i dag", and even some quite probable "Kanskje me ser Isaksen ta ut båten i dag óg". (you can also use kanskje as a suggestion to do something "Kanskje vi møtes hos deg på fredag?") When using "kanskje", context and intonation play a huge role in how much optimism you are expressing.


Great explanation!

Is there a difference between "sannsynligvis" and "antakeligvis" ?


I put "probably" and it was marked correct. I'm not a native of either languages but I think "perhaps" has a different meaning than "probably". I think "perhaps" is closer to "maybe". But once again I could be wrong since I'm not a native.


"probably" indicates the speaker believes there is a good chance something is so, but is still not sure. "perhaps" does not convey any sort of belief like that; perhaps something is so, perhaps not.


what is the difference between sannsynligvis and nok when they mean probably? takk ^J^


Arrgh! I can't get this in my head! How does it break down?


Jeg tenker vi er alene nå...

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