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"She does not know what she will do in a camp."

Translation:Вона не знає, що вона буде робити у таборі.

August 9, 2015



... в таборі?


Can one leave out the second вона? It sounds redundant to me.


Usually, in such kind of sentences, it is NOT omitted. It is possible but sounds a bit unnatural.


I'd advise not to omit that


If you try omitting the second вона, it will even sound unnatural in English. Try it- "She does not know what __ will do in a camp". You need a subject before any verb


Of course it sounds unnatural in English, but that's a different thing. We say lots of things in English that would be entirely redundant in Slavic languages. For example "I put my hands in my pockets" - in most Slavic languages would be "I put hands in pockets". Who else's hands would one normally put in who else's pockets?

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