"Моя сім'я"

Translation:My family

August 9, 2015

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Чому не РОДИНА? Семья - це русизм


I have a more technical question: what is the typographically correct character for Ukrainian apostrophe? And which one do you use in casual writing?

U+2019 ’ RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK – the preferred character for apostrophe.

U+02BC ʼ MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE – which I've been seeing being proposed as the correct one.

U+0027 ' APOSTROPHE – which is used here on Duolingo and in many places on Ukrainian Wiki (probably just due to convenience).

Can I use all of them in my answers?


U+0027 is the most common in writing (as that's what Windows has in it's Uklrainian layout)

U+02BC is the one that is part of a standard for Cyrillic .УКР domain names


Дуже дякую.


I good pronounciate,but Duo don't hear me

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