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  5. "Qual é a duração do jantar?"

"Qual é a duração do jantar?"

Translation:How long is the dinner?

October 22, 2013



"What is the length of the dinner" is just a more literal translation than "how long is the dinner". And yet the first one wasn't accepted. What's the problem with it?


I, as an American, translated it to be... How long does it take to eat dinner.......


But it doesnt say that. You are putting in words that are not their. It seems like alot of people do this. They paraphrase when they shouldn't.


This paraphrase you mentioned is sometimes what it asks for rather than literal translation. Unless English to Portugese is suppose to be literal whist Portugese to English can be paraphrased. I say this because ive noticed when i literally translate Portugese to English I usually get it wrong or an exact translation makes no sense.


The official English sentence doesn't have a literal translation for "a duração", either, but paraphrases that part as "long".


Hm.. I should say that "how long is the dinner" should be much better about translate the right meaning!


I feel "How long does dinner TAKE?" comes more natural...


What about "How long will the dinner last"


For me as a non-native speaker that one sounds the best, since lenghth does not sound as a natural atribute of meals, while duration can be. Is really 'how long is the dinner' grammaticaly corect?


About 1.15 meters.

But seriously, I don't think anyone has checked the suggested translations for this one.


I thought "Qual" was more of a "which" than a "what". Why is it used in this instance?


Brazilians prefer QUAL ... Americans prefer What. Brazilians say ¨Qual é o seu nome¨, for what is your name, for example.


Why is 'what is the dinner's duration' incorrect translation? Qual is translated as what not as how long. See the suggestions


Seems to me this is about an official dinner party not just any other meal, or you wouldn't say do jantar. And you're asking how much time you should plan to spend. If that's the case, DavigiFallon's suggestion How long is the dinner for? works for me; as well as Bblouck's How long is dinner for? Or: how much time will (the) dinner take?


I think you are wrong in this case, when you are using ' to be ' verb,you.don't have to add any auxiliar such as.'do , does '


I think "How long is dinner?" makes more sense. It's not literal (I left out "the"), but [in Amer. English] I believe "the" is usually omitted.

And Duolingo accepted it; I wish it took less literal translations more often.

[deactivated user]

    Is this normal phrasing? What I mean is, in American English the common phrasing might be "how long is dinner?" although one could phrase it "what is the duration of dinner?" but it would be uncommon phrasing. Is "qual é a duração do jantar?" common Brazilian phrasing?


    It's right, but not so common either. One would probably say "Quanto tempo dura o jantar?"


    So when are we using "Qual" instead of "que"?


    Can't you say 'how long is the meal?'


    "Jantar" is the meal you have at night. Meal = refeição.


    To me dinner is not a piece of string one can measure the length of but one can measure the time it takes.


    So I tried "How long will dinner last?" They didn't like that either. I think we are not dealing with native English speakers here, but native Portuguese speakers who are suspicious of anything that wasn't in their textbooks.


    Is there any other way of saying "how long is the dinner" in português as the literary meaning here is "what is the duration of the dinner *


    Why not "What is the length of the dinner?"


    this answer should be accepted because it means the same thing: what is the length of the dinner


    Can someone explain why "how long will the dinner last" is incorrect? Since the Portuguese translation has the conjunction "do" in the sentance meaning "of the" wouldn't the correct amd formal translation be "the dinner"?

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