"Magst du Restaurants?"

Translation:Do you like restaurants?

December 31, 2012



Sounds like someone hit her at the end of the sentence

December 31, 2012


Ha! Ha! Nice to have a little funny comment keeps me going.

April 12, 2013


Lol, it didn't sound right at all.

January 28, 2017


I have a guy saying it. :P

October 1, 2018


Why not " the restaurants"?

May 24, 2013


That would have to be 'Magst du die Restaurants?' I would assume that 'die Restaurants' would refer to specific restaurants, as in do you like the restaurants (over there)?, while 'Restaurants' without an definite article would mean do you like restaurants (in general)?

May 6, 2015


Dont like new male voice :(

May 5, 2016


Ich mag keine Restaurants - would that be the correct negative response here? And if we were referring to certain restaurants instead of restaurants in general, would it then be "Ich mag die Restaurants nicht". Trying to get my head around the 'kein vs nicht' thing at the moment!

June 23, 2016


I'm not a native speaker, but based on my two years of German in school, I believe you're right.

June 23, 2016


Thanks Liam! Good to know I'm making progress.

June 23, 2016


spelled restaurant wrong. Got it wrong. :(

September 22, 2016


I mistakenly put "Do like you restaurants?" You could have just accepted it Duo

June 19, 2018


Why is the plural Restaurants?

November 28, 2015


See Basics 2, tips and notes, including this tip:

  1. -s ending: most foreign-origin nouns will take the -s ending for the plural, usually with no umlaut changes. For example: "der Chef" (the boss) becomes "die Chefs."

Also, babelnation discusses plural German nouns:

  • An exception to the above guideline are words that have a foreign origin (e.g. 'Auto', 'Zoo', 'Restaurant') or nouns that end in a vowel (e.g. 'Sofa', 'Kamera', 'Foto' ...). Those nouns simply add an 's' to their singular to form the plural: 'Autos', 'Zoos' or 'Fotos'.
  • http://www.babelnation.com/german/courses/01_07_3.html
December 6, 2015


How do "der chef" become "die chefs"? I mean, do the word change GENDER?

October 30, 2017


You've gone through so many lessons and didn't know that der/die/das in plural is die (no, it doesn't change gender, the plural "die" happens to be the same as feminine "die", words don't change gender)? Have you been going through these lessons just to get lingots or something?

August 19, 2018


More than like they're on mobile which doesn't actually tell you that. It took me a while to figure that out too

November 18, 2018


yeah it never tells you

January 27, 2019


Is "gern du restaurant?"" Wrong???

April 10, 2016


I think so because gern is "like to" as in I like to ride my bike

April 24, 2016


That's incorrect. "Gern" is an adjective, not a verb, but in this sentence you are using it as a verb. "Gern" is used when you are trying to say that you like to do something, but "mögen (mag)" or "gefallen" are used to say that you like something.

June 5, 2016


Gern is an adverb, not an adjective.

July 19, 2017


I searched for this sentence in Google translate.it was translated as : ''do you like to eat?'' while here it's ''do you like restaurants?'' are they both correct?

June 13, 2016


Why not restaurant

July 9, 2016


Because it's plural.

August 19, 2018


Don't you think this is wasting your time every day

November 23, 2016


Sounds like french with the nasal sound at the end of "Restaurants"

April 27, 2017


yes I like restaurants in taken food and I like restaurants in Chandigarh

July 25, 2017


what "du" refers to?

August 22, 2017


"du" means "you". Seriously, do you go mindlessly through these lessons? It's the first or the second lesson at most when you learn it.

August 19, 2018


why the verb "magst" instead of "gefällt"?

October 7, 2017


"Gefällst" if so. There's a bit of a difference between these words. "Mögen" is a correct verb here or its second form "Magst" if you would.

August 19, 2018


Long time, no see

February 23, 2018


Why does the lady sound French at the end??

June 1, 2018


How can I answer shortly "Yes, I do/No, I don't"?

September 2, 2018


The answer is yes most of the time due to the wide range of restaurants.

March 2, 2019


Im not a native speaker but seems I'm noy sure the male voice pronounced the s on the end. I say this as I'm trying to improve my listening so try to answer based on what I hear instead of reading the statement. You can guess I gave the singular in my answer and got it wrong.

April 25, 2019
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