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  5. "Crema al cioccolato"

"Crema al cioccolato"

Translation:Chocolate cream

December 31, 2012



What is chocolate cream?


Cream made from the milk of chocolate cows.


Love the answer


There are no chocolate cows, there are only normal cows. You flavor the milk from them in factories. -_-


Are you familiar with the concept of a joke?


Strawberry cows tho


If that's the case, then what are the brown cows for? What about the pink ones?


Why are there so many dislikes?


chocolate flavoured cream :) Take an eclair for example, they are filled with chocolate flavoured cream :)


Look so so good!!!!


That's definitely an éclair!


I have never thought an ecliar was anything else.... That looks delicious


yuck. that is filled with whipped cream. you're definitely living in the wrong place. sorry.


I think that that there are hardly any products outside of the well-known mousse au chocolat that could be declared chocolate cream, so that people lack any resemblance to a familiar product of this classification. I too was confused on what chocolate cream could be named otherwise, aside of the French dessert.


Yes, I know this comment is 7 years old. But I am replying because I have been wondering the same thing: what the heck is "chocolate cream". It is definitely not a common American term of which I am aware. Addicted to "Great British Bake-Off", I think this may be chocolate creme patissiere (aka - "chocolate creme pat". aka - "chocolate pastry cream"). Whether this is right or not, I will forever more think of Duolingo "chocolate cream" as "chocolate creme pat". :-)


I first thought this was a joke but that's actually a good question. I had something that was classified as 'chocolate cream' before but idk what it was.


A cream of chocolate...


Cream comes from cows - not chocolate. Is chocolate cream just cream with chocolate mixed in? I've never heard of it before. Is it an American thing, maybe?


I tried "cream with chocolate." Not the right preposition, I know, but neither chocolate cream nor cream of chocolate is anything I've ever heard of in American English.


It's cream in the sense of "look like cream" on texture, aspect, etc


I think my answer should be accepted " Cream of chocolate"


It is not american


:O what is wrong with u?! u dont know what chocolate cream is??!!!!! @carbis


:O So he doesn't know what chocolate cream is. So what?

:O You should fix your grammar.



This is annoying, at first it tells me my translation should be cream with chocolate and then this sentence comes up and tells me it is incorrect???


" la crema di cioccolato" cream made of chocolate. "crema la cioccolato" cream flavored with chocolate.


Hmmmm... It is more used crema al cioccolato than crema di cioccolato


It's not about how common they are. They're different things.


If it's "Cream with chocolate", it should be "Crema con cioccolato".


It gives wrong hints!, it should indicate that it is a "whole" new thing


What about "crema cioccolata"?


No it is incorrect. Crema is feminine cioccolato is masculine (but there is a form which is cioccolata (f.), used as many as cioccolato). However it is crema al cioccolatoand the right translation is chocolate cream. Do you say cream of chocolate or cream at chocolate?


I responded the same way as Rosweb; that is why I get confused...I would not think to use an article to say cream OF chocolate versus chocolate cream so I have a hard time understanding this; what is the logic? Because I just say "chocolate cream" (in English)...


Wikipedia tells me that “crema al cioccolato” is what Italians call chocolate spread, which is something sometimes spread on bread to make sandwiches among other things. I would never have known this from the “chocolate cream” translation, which is almost certainly wrong.


I had another exercise which translated crema al cioccolata as chocolate custard ... that is something I can relate to!


WOW YOU ARE LEARNING A LOT OF LANGUAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why isn't the right answer cream in the chocolate because it told me "al" meant in the so i put cream in the chocolate and then it tells me I'm wrong?


Precisely. I wanted to put chocolate cream but a direct translation should inclue 'in the'.


Italian is not a direct translation of English, it's its own language and has its own rules.


True but then they should explain its rules and not expect us to just know them.


But this is how Duolingo works. It's not very good source if you're only going to use this and nothing else. It doesn't explain anything, iy just introduces new things.


Would 'chocolate mouse' also be correct, or is there some distinct difference with 'chocolate creme'?


creme in american English is like "filling"... not any particular item/flavor. just a paste that you shove in/cover things.


Oh! Chocolate mousse*. I know what that is! Good question.


Or maybe chocolate custard. I had an eclair in Paris with chocolate custard in it.


My English teacher have said that custard is the right translation of crema and cream is for panna (that white flavour you put on the ice-cream). But I think you can use both.


it means chocolate ice cream :l


Custard and Eclairs are not ice cream. What even makes you think that?


If you hover each word, it says cream to the chocolate. That's why I got it wrong.


It seems like cream of chocolate (whatever that is) is a more appropriate translation.


"More literal" does not mean "more appropriate".


Chocolate cream is the same chocolate !!!! this makes no sense .


I put "chocolate cream, chocolate custard" & it was marked as incorrect, which seems bit unfair.


If "crema" is feminine, why isn't chocolate also feminine, as in cioccolata?


Because it's a noun. (You can tell by the article 'il', which is folded into the preposition 'a' to make 'al', in front of it.) Adjectives agree, but nouns don't.

( Crema cioccolata uses 'chocolate' as an adjective modifying 'cream'. Crema al cioccolato is a noun phrase indicating the cream is made of chocolate. Subtle but important distinction that we don't really have in English.)


Furi hogy nem fogatta el a hangom


A chocolate cream is also a kind of candy.


That's a chocolate crème.


somewhat to my surprise, 'chocolate creme' was accepted as a correct answer...


Well, I got it right. Like with the cake one, I thought that '(eating) cake in the chocolate' made little sense so perhaps it's really a way to say chocolate cake - as that makes more sense.


what on earth is "chocolate cream"? I translated it as cream of chocolate which also makes no sense.


Chocolate cream is made by combining melted chocolate or cocoa to heavy whipping cream and whipping it until you achieve the consistency desired. Crema al Cioccolato is not really chocolate mouse, nor is it chocolate custard, though a restaurant may have Crema al Cioccolato as an item on their menu and what it is exactly may vary from one recipe to another as chefs may be trying to make it uniquely theirs.


That would be either chocolate icing or perhaps chocolate creme, but I still assert that chocolate cream does not exist except perhaps in a fairy tale in which chocolate cows gave chocolate milk.


In English the word "cream" does not solely refer to that which is made from milk. It also refers to any substance which has a similar texture, feel or construct.

Thing is, in English there is "chocolate cream", "cream of chocolate", "chocolate with cream" and "cream with chocolate"; not to mention "chocolate flavoured cream". How do Italians differentiate this... if at all?


Why does it need "al" why isn't it just cioccolate cream?


Because Italian is its own language; utterances are not constructed in the same manner as they are in English.

The sooner you stop fighting this and stop expecting translation to be a one-to-one mapping of names, the easier you will find it to learn new languages.


It's not a question of translating to English per se. The question is what are they talking about. There is no such substance as chocolate cream in English. Chocolate spread, Nutella? Chocolate ice cream? Chocolate filling?


Excellent advice.


calm down he was just asking a question, douche


And he was giving good advice. A habit I see frequently and experienced myself is the reluctance to accept that you're learning all new grammar rules, and not just replacing all your English words with foreign ones.


It may be "good advice"--but it is completely useless as an explanation to help someone with their question. In order to be useful, they should additionally explain the reasoning from the Italian point of view. What if I taught English, and every time a student asked a question I said "because that's how it is in English--get used to it!" I am totally fine with not doing one-to-one translations, but I also have to understand the logic behind the constructs in order to "think" in Italian. For example: Why "camicia gialla" but "abito da sera" and now "crema al cioccolato"? In English these would all have the same construct: yellow shirt, evening dress, chocolate cream. I am FINE using any of the Italian constructs, and none of them are how the terms would be expressed in English. But if I ask "can someone explain to me why "shirt yellow" but then "dress of evening" and now "cream to the chocolate"? And someone answers "because Italian says so"--that's completely unhelpful. And this is NOT an unfair criticism, as there are plenty of other forum users who actually are kind and educated enough to give productive and useful explanations of how Italian speakers actually think about these phrases and why they're expressed differently/as they are in Italian. Please stop defending someone who's only advice is "just memorize it." If they can't help other people understand it--then they should allow someone who can actually explain it well (and without the armchair psychological assessments of the questioners) to step up and do so. I want to learn Italian, not just memorize Italian. Additionally, earlier this same user offered a (weak) explanation to someone else after saying it's a different language (as if asking a question shows someone expects it to be the same as English? What a ridiculous assumption. "Why is it different in Italian?" is NOT the same as asserting it can't or shouldn't be different. It does not mean they expect it to conform to English constructs. They're just asking for help to understand the Italian logic behind it, not unfounded assumptions and criticisms about their motivation for asking.)


Because in Italian we always put a preposition, not as in English. Native speaker here


Just to ask then, would "camicia bianca" would be wrong without a preposition?


I figured since ive had to switch it a bit to make it at least make it sound a little like it makes sense I should put 'chocolate cream' and it worked


Why cream with chocolate is incorrect, and how you will say it in italian?


Crema al cioccolato, and the correct translation is chocolate cream, I think. However, Crema al cioccolato is the only way to say it


Apparently nutella was an incorrect answer.


Nutella is a hazelnut spread.


Why is it BACKWARDS!?!?!??!?!?!??!!


What was the "al" for?


Seems like people are confusing nello with al on this one


That one was weird to do. But of course its spelled backwards but said forwatd


Make this clear. Im tired of misunderstanding what the speaker is TRYING (but failing) to get across.


I'm so used to putting the word i see first that i forgot that sometimes the translation is the other way around.


Cream into the chocolate?


I like the haphazard way new ways of understanding the language is introduced. It makes me concentrate more.


Isn't "al" mean 'to the'?


My answer was marked as incorrect but is exactly the same as the answer given. Don't understand why.


We should all appreciate Duolinguo service. Remember that it is free


Same problem, the correction is what i typed


Odd. I typed out the response in Italian, but was docked a point. Apparently i should have responded in English. Lame


I am wondering why chocolate cream needs an article to being "cream OF chocolate"? Is that an exception?


and yet the translation is simply c

yet it translates without the article: chocolate cream


Why is "crema al cioccolato" translated to "chocolate cream" but "lui ha acqua nel bicchiere" is not translated to "he has a glass of water"?


I wrote "The chocolate cream" and it said I am wrong


Why is the sentence writing backwards?


It is so annoying, that it first always want the articles and when i write them later it is wrong... to write articles should NOT be a mistake.


Easy and realy good


I put in "Chocolate ice cream" because in the last one said it was. Why did it say I was wrong on this one?


Crema al Cioccolato usually refers to chocolate ice cream. Why did It say I'm wrong on this one?


"A chocolate cream" is wrong because "a". Ok then


Whatever it is, it sounds yummy! This discussion will certainly make me remember it. Now I need to practice the pronunciation so I can order it.


I said Cream of chocolate instead of Chocolate cream haha it should be counted as correct


Completely wrong. Crema is not cream. Crema is custard


Mmmm....chocolate cream....


Please dony kill me

[deactivated user]

    Wtf? So "al" means with but here it doesnt mean anything? Orr....


    wow whats that? really?




    Sorry, the women speaks not clearly


    I speak portuguese and it structure look like the Italian. I think the translation for this is more like Cream with chocolate, but even it's not a perfect translation

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