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Duolingo Spanish compared to DELE certificates

Hi, Can someone tell how I can compare the lessons with Duolingo to DELE certifications (if comparable of course)? E.g. level 25=DELE A1? Thanks in advance.

August 10, 2015



The experience points do not tell anything about one's language level. I have seen many who have not even finished their trees but are Lv25. You could use the Spanish Progress Quiz (which is on the lingot store), but you will have to find a way to compare the score with certification levels.

PS: I have done barely anthing outside of Duolingo, and I'm planning to enter the A2 DELE exam next semester.


Hola! I agree with you. Am a bilingual (Korean English) and learning French at the moment. Interested in taking DELF A2 or B1 once I finish my French tree during 2015. Will probably take DELE A2 like you once I finish my Spanish tree.

It took me less than a week to complete the entire English for Korean speaker tree and I was merely level 10. Merely did it to to better understand Duolingo as a learning platform and quickly earn lots of lingot to buy extra lessons from the Lingot store for my French learning at the same time. Think level has more to do with how long you have been doing or repeating the exercise on duolingo for that particular language rather than your level of proficiency.

Can I assume that once one completes the entire Spanish tree properly, one is ready for DELE A2? Is that based on your gut feeling or? Why not aim for DELE B1? I am all ears as it is not easy to come across folks who are interested in taking DELF/DALF or DELE exam here. Many duolingo users seem to learn foreign languages for the sense of accomplishment alone, I think.


I don't really know the structure for the DELE Examinations but i would suggest that once you complete your language tree at Duolingo you should go on the main page of the DELE website and they have a mock test for you to determine which level examination is suitable to you.


Hola Vishal! =) Muchas gracias!

Well, you are absolutely right about that. I totally agree. =) Well at first I wanted to learn both French and Spanish at the same time then later decided to go with French first and attempt Spanish tree afterwards once I complete my French tree and pass DELF A2 or B1.: Read a book by some Korean medical doctor who started learning 4 additional new foreign languages (Spanish, Japanese, Chinese French) in his 50s and managed to reach advanced intermediate or above. In the book, his advice was that prior English and French language skills in one can help him or her learn Spanish a lot faster with considerable ease. Hope someday I can travel around Latin America while having good good or at least reasonable command of Spanish. Wish all the best of luck with your Spanish study and all others! Way to go! =)

P.S: A lingot for you for your kindness! Why did you decide to start learning Spanish in your case? How are you getting on with your Spanish learning so far? =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0rSue8KedA


Hello Avanade, glad i could be of help :) I have lived in Venezuela for 3 years and have been with the locals so let me tell you that Spanish is a bit complex because they say that in each country in Latin America the spanish accent is distinct (Although the basics remain the same) so you can never master the art of speaking spanish but i really enjoyed learning spanish there and now am used to it, Duolingo is just a fun way to brush up my skills and prepare for DELE exams i am giving this year. P.S. thanks for the lingot :D


3 years in Venezuela? That is awesome, Vishal! =) Was Chavez around when you were there? Heard there were lots of freebies for its people during his administration then sharp drop in global oil price started to devastate the too much oil dependent economy there. Anyway speaking of different Spanish versions spoken across Latin America, think it is quite natural considering the massive size. Heard such is also the case for Arabic spoken in various nations of the ME and N.Africa. Which ones are your favourite Latin American countries then?

Jaekoo =)


I was there when Chavez wasn't (Luckily) but if i had to decide on my favourite country in Latin America that would be Brazil, even though i haven't been there I have heard lots about it and would really like to visit there someday (though my spanish would not help me there) but it'd be nice


Hola mi amigo! =) How are you doing in these days? Hope all is well on your end! Have a great March and wish all the best with everything! How are things in Istanbul lately? Well here in Seoul it is a bit chaotic due to recent impeachment of former president Park. Furthermore there seems to be sings of possible upcoming military confrontation with N.Korea.. Well really hope we Koreans achieve unification at last this time once for all.


P.S: A lingot for you! Should have done this ages ago as a token of my appreciation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdENItDICOc

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