"Non voglio aspettare così tanto tempo."

Translation:I do not want to wait that long.

August 10, 2015



Does the sentence work without 'così'?

September 12, 2015


Please what is the literal translation?

August 4, 2017


The way I understand aspettare is that it means "to wait for," not just simply "to wait." Eg: "aspetto la colazione". Per is not included because "for" is already included with the verb. With this understanding it is almost a literal tramslation. It is "I do not want to wait for so much time."

October 5, 2018


It means both "wait" and "wait for". In figuring these things out, it often helps to do context searches, to see how words are used in actual Italian sentences, so see http://context.reverso.net/translation/italian-english/Aspettare

October 22, 2018


I think it has two possible meanings:
"I do not want to wait so much time" = "for such a long time", where così = "so" - but as an emphatic, because tanto means either "a lot" or "so much" - suggesting that the wait is quite long - so, so long a time.

It could also mean "I don't want to wait like this - so much time" - where così means "like this" and tanto tempo means "so much time."

But either translations gets across the meaning that the person speaking is not happy with having to wait for what to him/her is an unreasonable amount of time. What it means precisely in English isn't so important.

October 22, 2018


As usual DL is being inflexible with a sentence that can be said so very many ways ... "I don't want to wait so very long" marhed incorrect and reported.

July 11, 2019


How would you say, "I don't want to wait this long"?

November 12, 2016


'I don't want to wait as long as that' should also be acceptable surely

February 15, 2019
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