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  5. "Who is the prosecutor?"

"Who is the prosecutor?"

Translation:Quem é o promotor?

October 22, 2013



Quem é o procurador deve ser marcado correcto. Vivo em Moçambique e nunca utilizamos a palavra promotor, mas sim procurador.


How does the order of words work with questions? It didn't allow, "Quem o promotor é." I thought the verb always came after the subject.


well.... hard to give you a rule. for example: what time is it? = que horas sao? - for "question word + to be + noun/pronoun" it is better to use the verb before...go fig...


It usually works the same way as in English. I always saw it as intuitive, but now that I think of it there are patterns when it comes to keeping parts of the sentence in a logical order. In "what time is it", the elements are just the verb and the subject ("x time" + to be), but in "who is the prosecutor", the last word is a subject complement (x + to be + s. c.), so the structure is different there and therefore different rules apply. In the first structure, the elements switch places if it's a question or an answer, but in the second structure you can just fill the hole with "who", I think. Correct me if I'm wrong though! Just speculating.

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