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  5. "De ga oss rene håndklær."

"De ga oss rene håndklær."

Translation:They gave us clean towels.

August 10, 2015



shouldn't it be "de GAV oss rene håndklær"? Not "GA oss"

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As fveldig explained above, "ga" and "gav" are different ways of spelling the same word. In this course, we've chosen to teach "ga", which is both the most common variant and the one that matches up the best with actual pronunciation.

For listening exercises, we're unfortunately only able to accept the variant which is used in the source sentence ("ga"), even if "gav" would be correct as well.


The audio sounds for me like g'oss. (Dropping completely the a in ga)

Is this a sound glitch or do Norwegians shorten it that way?


Er det ikke "De GEV oss rene håndklær"?

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'gev' is not a word in the Norwegian dictionary. Are you referring to 'gav'? This is an alternative way of spelling the word, and has the same meaning. Since the 'v' is no longer pronounced, 'ga' would be the better way to spell this.

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